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Individual LED lighting from bluleu

Modern LED lighting meets rustic ambience!

Project Luxus Chalet Mühlermoos, Ramsau im Zillertal, Österreich

Planning: Technical drawing office Christoph Gruber, Ramsau
Executing electrical company: Elektrounternehmen Ing. Hermann Riedhart, Ramsau

Pure luxury and wellness or true to the motto: modern meets rustic!
These are the idyllically located luxury chalets Mühlermoos in beautiful Ramsau in the Zillertal in Austria.


Modern LED lighting meets rustic ambience!

The traditional property from the 17th century has been restored with a great passion for details and has been transformed into an exclusive luxury chalet in the Zillertal. The special location above the valley with the wild Ziller river and the imposing mountain panorama deserves special mention. Harmoniously situated between flower meadows and forest, the building blends into the quiet natural landscape. The harmonious combination of luxurious ambience, cosiness and nature creates a feel-good atmosphere with a fantastic view at a fairytale mountain backdrop.

The rooms were created entirely by hand with selected materials such as wood, stone and glass. This resulted in a harmonious combination of traditional, valuable elements with modern technical equipment. The indirect linear lighting from bluleu LED Solutions in a warm-white light color tone is harmoniously integrated, what excellently underscores the pleasant, calming ambience of the rooms which are furnished with lots of wood.

A LED strip was chosen for the indirect lighting, which, despite the concealed installation method, provides sufficient light for basic lighting of the rooms with around 1500 lumens per meter. The special feature: the light color continues from the inside to the outside. To do this, bluleu LED Solutions used coordinated LED light colors so that despite the color shift caused by the protective encapsulation in the outdoor lights, there is a uniform color rendering.

For the outer railing of the entrance, special linear luminaire profiles with opal hard encapsulation were manufactured for a homogeneous light distribution and a robust surface. The lights are not only protected against water and salt but can also be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner. For a practicable and easier installation, bluleu LED Solutions has designed different lengths as chains that are connected to each other with plugs and couplings. Therefore, one feed is sufficient to operate the lights.

Luminaire profiles with a wider luminous surface and a cold-white light color were selected for the direct lighting in the underground car park. Here, as well, a clear polyurethane encapsulation protects the LEDs against moisture and dust. The high cover made of opal plastic (PMMA) let the light shine through 180° in order to achieve a beautiful illumination.

Indoor and outdoor application

LED lights from bluleu LED Solutions

ShipLED Strip 1500, voltage 24 V DC, output 12 W/m, lumen 1500 lm/m, light color 2700 K warm white.

ShipLED Profile CD07 Aluminum profile flat, anodized, with opal plastic cover (PMMA), 18 mm x 6.7 mm.

ShipLED Profile 01, aluminum profile, flat, anodized, 19.5 mm x 6.5 mm, assembled with ShipLED Strip 1500, voltage 24 V DC, output 12 W/m, lumen 1500 lm/m, light color 2200 K super warm white for a visible light color of 2700 K after encapsulation. The lights were encapsulated by bluleu with clear polyurethane for perfect protection of the LED strips against moisture. Various profile lengths were manufactured as a set of several profile chains connected by plugs and couplings.

Indoor and outdoor application

Outdoor area

LED luminaires outside railing, entrance and underground car park

SET ShipLED Profile flat, 18.4 mm x 13 mm, LED1500, light color 2700 K warm white, opal hard encapsulation, protection class similar to IP69K.

SET ShipLED Profile 01, 19.5 mm x 6.5 mm, LED1500, light color 2700 K warm white, round opal plastic cover made of PMMA, clear polyurethane protective encapsulation, protection class IP67.

ShipLED Profile 3030, LED voltage 24 V DC, output 32 W/m, lumen 4100 lm/m, light color 4000 K cold white/neutral white, 180° high opal plastic cover made of PMMA, clear polyurethane protective encapsulation, protection class IP67.

Outdoor area