bluleu, 25.08.2015:
ShipLED Panel – Mood lighting with cold-white and warm-white LEDs.

Waking up in the morning with cold-white light, relaxing in the evening with cozy warm-white light. And all this with only one light? No problem with LED panels of bluleu.
In the video, we equipped an ultralight aluminum sandwich plate with three LED boards 30 cm x 30 cm (72 LEDS in 3000K and 6000K per each LED board). For a bright and homogenous backlighting, the plate is additionally covered with an opal Plexiglas pane. The panel can be mounted in any position without any problems.
The light colors warm-white and cold-white can be dimmed separately, i.e. the color temperature is adjustable via remote control. Thus, one can choose the right light color depending on day time and mood. We find that great bluleu!

bluleu, 20.08.2015:
ShipLED Glass – light and glass in combination with laser- and sandblasting techniques.

Blue waves in sunlight are fascinating to look at. Why not reproducing this fascination of waves and light in architecture or taking it home? Application areas are – besides cruise ships and yachts – hotels, restaurants or spas.
In the video we created a glass pane 100 cm x 50 cm with waves-laser-structure as effective lighting. The pane is to one side supplied with a RGB-LED band in aluminum profile. We can additionally cast the LED profile for outside areas in order to reach a high protection IP67.
The color effects are driven by a LED radio dimmer with pre-adjusted programs.
Here can be chosen individual colors and programs can be self-programmed on PC.
A control of the colors can also be effected via smartphone. Programs can also here be self-programmed on PC. Due to the special laser structure the light reflects differently so that suddenly different color shades can be seen although the RGB-LED is indicating only one color. We find that great bluleu!