Anthem of the Seas

Press release- Schulenburg/Leine, 21. August 2015
bluleu and Barthelme announce strategic partnership

Barthelme LED Solutions and bluleu LED Solutions have contracted a strategic partnership in order to better scoop common synergies. Both partners benefit from the supplement of their product and service spectrum as well as from the extended market entry due to common recovery of their networks.
Since 2013 already, the LED technique specialist Barthelme from Nuremberg has cooperated with the company bluleu LED Solutions GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 2003.
The family-run enterprise, founded by Josef Barthelme in 1931, offers a wide spectrum of high-quality lights, profiles and controls for customer-specific requirements. The product design as well as the development and production predominantly take place in Germany. A main focus of bluleu are LED light systems, especially for the maritime sector. For this sector, the company situated in Pattensen-Schulenburg in the Hanover Region operates as general contractor – from consulting, development and documentation up to mounting and initial operation by own ocean-going mounting engineers.
With the full-cast LED bands of AQUALUC® family from Messrs. Barthelme which are sold by bluleu on the maritime markets under the product name ShipLED, the partners have already implemented extensive and challenging projects together.
The most recent example is the cruise ship “Anthem of the Seas” which had sailed for the first time in March 2015. A multitude of the absolutely homogenously shining LED lines ShipLED flex with white and colored LEDs as outline and safety lighting were installed on this ship.
“Due to our manifold experiences with installations in ambitious ambiences, we can offer ideal light solutions”, says managing director of bluleu, Frank Blume. “With Barthelme as strong development- and production partner by our side, we can importantly extend our quotation spectrum for the construction of special lights.”
„For both, Barthelme and bluleu, the esteem of the customer is in the foreground. With our philosophy and our service mind, we are primed at best in order to execute common projects, in ambitious application sectors, in the customer’s favour” adds general manger Nicola Barthelme.

Press release - Schulenburg/Leine, 3. Juni 2015
bluleu LED Solutions sends blue LED band to the oceans
Manufacturer of innovative LED light systems equips the newest cruise ship of Meyer Werft Papenburg with LED lines.

The blue light at the stern of the “Anthem of the Seas” immediately catches everyone’s eye. By night the lightstrong LED band illuminates the giant cruise ship in nice and appeasing blue. The sister ship “Quantum of the Seas” of the ocean carrier Royal Caribbean International from the USA with 348 m length, 41 m width and a draft of 8,50 m is one of the biggest cruise ships worldwide. The 18 decks high ship was built on the shipyard Meyer Werft in Papenburg/Germany. Besides energy-efficient technical systems the constructors are particularly proud of an extreme energy-saving illumination system with LED lighting.
For years, the company bluleu LED Solutions from Germany, Hanover region, has delivered LED lighting systems especially for ships. The installation is being effected by seaworthy mounting engineers on giant cruise ships and mega yachts whereby the LED lights on deck of the ships are subject to the inconvenience of sea weather. “Our innovative LED lines ShipLED flex are patented special castings whose protection even allows an application under sea” explains Frank Blume, managing director of bluleu LED Solutions.
The LED lights are „Made in Germany“ and of high quality. In fact there are similar products on the world market, but it is difficult being able to hold a candle to the Germans. For though UV permanence and saltwater resistance are in great demand in order that the LED lines ShipLED flex on board can display their brilliancy durably.
„A multitude of our LED lights ShipLED are installed on the ‘Anthem of the Seas’. For instance as outline- or safety illumination, in white and blue light, says Dr. Christian Möller of bluleu LED Solutions. Blue LED lines can also be found as illumination of one of the attractions on the cruiser: the North Star Arm at the end of which a gondola can lift the passengers up to 90 m high over the sea. From here, in the evening dusk, the guests enjoy an adorable view on the sun deck dreamlike illuminated by bluleu LED Solutions.

The innovative LED Lights Generation

INFO: The homogenously shining LED lines ShipLED flex consist of LED stripes completely cast in polyurethane which are manufactured to measure. The special cast guarantees an effective heat transmission of the LED bands and thus a high service life. They are flexible and can be placed in curves. The ShipLED flex are seawater resistant with a protection of IP 67. They are available in different intensities of light as well as in different light colors. Quality made in Germany.