We produce LED illumination made to measure.

Our LED illumination systems ShipLED – made to measure. All from one company. That is bluleu LED Solutions with its thousands of possibilities. LED lights are also manufactured according to your individual request: prototypes, small series, new designs. We support you with your creative illumination ideas.
Our brand ShipLED shows our lights program from our own production. Even special and non-standard lights are no problem for us. bluleu LED Solutions produces LED lighting systems made to measure and according to your special application.

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LED – lighting manufacture.

LED-lights made to measure for various applications.
You are looking for LED lights of special kind?

We offer flexible linear LED-lines IP67 - ShipLED flex – for round and rippled forms with homogeneous illumination or homogeneous LED-panel lights - ShipLED Puck - in round or angular forms with high protection in IP67/IP68 for water-resistant requirements, also applicable underwater.

ShipLED Profiles - LED-light profiles are assembled according to your requirements: colored or coated with decors and made to measure for you.

ShipLED Spot
- LED-Spots in different power classes, luminous colors and angles of light radiation. LED built-in spots with different decor shades in wood- or granite appearance or in RAL colors. All decors are permanently protected by powder-coating.

– The LED-light-CD is a special feature of bluleu: decorative, very flat construction form, design-oriented, powerful and an excellent laminar illumination. Thus, all-purpose and applicable LED lights are made for design-oriented customers.

ShipLED Panel
– The LED-panel lights are produced to the desired size according to customer’s request. LED panel lights for homogeneous light in various colors or color changes as illuminated ceiling elements, rear- or separating panels.

ShipLED Glass
– Light and glass in combination with laser- and sandblasting technologies result in a very effective illumination for multiple applications. Illuminated glass walls, glass ceilings or glass stairways, illuminated house numbers of glass, guide signs or company nameplates with colored scriptures or logos of safety glass (toughened safety glass), luminous glass tiles with ornaments, directional arrows, company logos, walkable or drivable, as laminated safety glass.
There are no limits with light and glass!

ShipLED Design
- LED and Design are specially manufactured LED lights with different surfaces as decor- and velvet coatings, gilding and other nice things.

ShipLED Fibreflex – Fiber Optics as Sidelight in high-flexible execution for intarsia in furniture, vehicles or as direction-giving emergency light applications.

ShipLED Systems - LED-Controls in different executions belong to our delivery program as accessories. We offer complete systems, tailored to the LED applications of our customers.