LED lighting custom-made individual LED lighting systems from bluleu


Company Profile

bluleu was founded in 2003 as a sole proprietorship by Mr. Frank Blume, who directs and guides the young company with his expertise and industry experience. At that time the company’s founder has recognized the need for innovative lighting concepts and set his company at the development, planning and production of high quality Products and solutions in the field of LED technology. The location of the company is Pattensen-Schulenburg in the Hanover region.

The company has specialized in the manufacture of individual lighting systems made of LED components with different colours and light intensities, as well as supportive guidance through consulting and installation activities. The key competence of the company is focused on custom-made LED solutions in the maritime
sector. bluleu is orientated on the supply of cruise ships, yachts and boats.

The products from bluleu are special, application-specific and technically challenging developments,
which partly are developed in cooperation with other companies or institutes and universities. The specifications are extremely diverse and cover the light quality, lightcolour, design, etc., salt water and chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, depth, etc. Thus the company achieves a leading position in these specialized applications. Resource efficiency, environmental protection, innovation and development are integral components of our corporate and product strategy, which in future will determine bluleu as standard for lighting systems.